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Rome with video

A photographic guidebook of Rome and the Vatican City, organized in nine itineraries exploring different themes within the Eternal City: artistic, historic and religious. Serves as a permanent souvenir, with a poster of the Sistine Chapel and a back-cover reconstruction of Imperial Rome. Includes the QR codes for viewing brief videos on the city’s monuments and the password for a video-documentary, viewable on p.c., smart-phone and tablet.

Rome with video


  • Publishing:
    Lozzi Roma
  • Pages:
  • Format:
    19,5×26 cm
  • Cover price:
    € 12,00

Available in:

Italian (ISBN 978-88-6838-066-3) English (ISBN 978-88-6838-067-0) French (ISBN 978-88-6838-068-7) Spanish (ISBN 978-88-6838-069-4) German (ISBN 978-88-6838-070-0) Czech (ISBN 978-88-6838-071-7) Chinese (ISBN 978-88-6838-072-4) Korean (ISBN 978-88-6838-073-1) Croatian (ISBN 978-88-6838-074-8) Japanese (ISBN 978-88-6838-075-5) Greek (ISBN 978-88-6838-076-2) Lithuanian (ISBN 978-88-6838-077-9) Dutch (ISBN 978-88-6838-078-6) Polish (ISBN 978-88-6838-079-3) Portuguese (ISBN 978-88-6838-080-9) Romanian (ISBN 978-88-6838-081-6) Russian (ISBN 978-88-6838-082-3) Slovak (ISBN 978-88-6838-083-0) Swedish (ISBN 978-88-6838-084-7) OUT OF STOCK Turkish (ISBN 978-88-6838-085-4) Ukrainian (ISBN 978-88-6838-151-6) Hungarian (ISBN 978-88-6838-086-1)