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Since 1935 Lozzi Roma publishes touristic books and guides about Rome, the Vatican and major Italian art cities, all translated up to 25 languages.

Lozzi Roma

The Publishing House Lozzi Roma s.a.s. is specialized in publication of tourism, guide-books and books dedicated to Italy’s art cities, translated in up to 25 languages, with special attention to Rome and the Vatican City.

Lozzi Roma is part of Gruppo Lozzi Editori (Lozzi Publishers Group) and its origins date to 1935, when the printer and publisher Romolo Lozzi produced his first tourist guide, translated in five languages (more than 80 years ago!), dedicated to the Eternal City.

In the 1960s, under the guidance of Paolo Lozzi, the Lozzi Publishing House expanded its work, mainly in the tourism field, producing guide-books and maps for the major Italian tourism destinations.

Since 1995, under a different corporate structure, Lozzi Roma publishers has produced an ever wider range of tourist guides and photographic books, increasing the catalogue and continuously updating the existing publications. The company devotes special attention to graphic design, quality photography and up-to-date texts.

Lozzi maintains a highly-developed distribution network, with responsive service to bookstores, newsstands and tourism shops, particularly in Rome. It is now one of the biggest in the sector, in terms of range of tourism publications, presence at points of sale and copies sold.

Today, many Lozzi publications permit the reader to integrate the ‘hard copy’ with video on demand, in the form of short videos and longer documentaries in multiple languages, accessed using QR codes for viewing on tablets and smartphones, or by computer.

We are constantly increasing our publication of eBook tourist guides, distributed through the top online distributors including iTunes and Amazon.

Lozzi Roma also produces promotional and custom publications, adapted from the existing catalogue or newly developed, specifically for tourism and religious sites, tour operators, congress and event organizers, hotels and other operators in the sector.

In 2007, Lozzi Roma partnered with Editrice Millenium to found Archeolibri s.r.l., a publishing house specialized in archaeological and tourism books.

In 2009, the City of Rome named a street in honor of our company founder, Romolo Lozzi. This was an important recognition of an individual who always viewed Rome as the practical and inspirational centre of his entire publishing production.