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Leonardo Da Vinci experience

Painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, mathematician, anatomist, musician and, in general, inventor: activities which across the centuries have made him one of the most significant figures in world culture. This volume takes the reader on a kind of original and revealing adventure in the wonderland that was the fervent mind of a universal genius.

Leonardo Da Vinci experience


  • Publishing:
    Lozzi Roma
  • Pages:
  • Format:
    19,5×22 cm
  • Cover price:
    € 12

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Italian (ISBN 978-88-68381-52-3) English (ISBN 978-88-68381-53-0) French (ISBN 978-88-68381-54-7) Spanish (ISBN 978-88-68381-55-4) German (ISBN 978-88-68381-56-1)


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