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St. John Paul II

A photographic volume telling the story of John Paul II, from his early life to the election to the pontificate and his apostolic voyages in the world, up to his death and canonization. A story told through the wonderful images provided by the Servizio Fotografico de L’Osservatore Romano.

St. John Paul II


  • Publishing:
    Lozzi Roma
  • Pages:
  • Format:
    20,5×28 cm
  • Cover price:
    € 10,00

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Italian (ISBN 978-88-68380-39-7) English (ISBN 978-88-68380-40-3) French (ISBN 978-88-68380-41-0) German (ISBN 978-88-68380-42-7) Spanish (ISBN 978-88-68380-43-4) Polish (ISBN 978-88-68380-44-1) Portuguese (ISBN 978-88-68380-45-8) Russian (ISBN 978-88-68380-46-5)

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