All the Popes from St. Peter to Francis

A book of biographies and images of every pope in the history of the Catholic Church, from Saint Peter to Francis. The volume is enriched with the coats of papal arms, a folding poster with medallion portraits of all the popes, and includes a chronological and alphabetical index.

Available in:

  • Italian (ISBN 978-88-6838-031-1)
  • English (ISBN 978-88-6838-032-8)
  • French (ISBN 978-88-6838-033-5)
  • German (ISBN 978-88-6838-034-2)
  • Spanish (ISBN 978-88-6838-035-9)
  • Polish (ISBN 978-88-6838-036-6)
  • Portuguese (ISBN 978-88-6838-037-3)
Tutti i Papi - Da San Pietro a Francesco


  • Publishing:
    Lozzi Roma
  • Pages:
  • Format:
    19,5×26 cm
  • Cover price:
    8,50 euros
Tutti i papi da San Pietro a Francesco
All the Popes from St. Peter to Francis
Tous les Papes de Saint Pierre a Francois
Alle papste vom Hl. Petrus Bis zu Franziskus
Todos los Papas desde San Pedro a Francisco
Wszyscy Papieze od Sw Piotra do Franciszka
Todos os Papas de Sao Pedro a Francisco

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