Rome the Eternal City

A guide rich with photographs and colour illustrations, offering the reader nine itineraries and a map. This approach permits the reader to explore and understand the Eternal City and the Vatican, their history and monuments, delving into historical, artistic and urban-landscape topics. The guide is completed by an extensive appendix with updated information on the monuments, museums, shopping, and other practical topics.

Available in:

  • Italian (ISBN 978-88-86843-17-1)
  • English (ISBN 978-88-86843-18-8)
  • French (ISBN 978-88-86843-19-5)
  • German (ISBN 978-88-86843-20-1)
  • Spanish (ISBN 978-88-86843-22-5)
  • Chinese (ISBN 978-88-89896-71-6)
  • Dutch (ISBN 978-88-89896-24-2)
  • Polish (ISBN 978-88-86843-37-9)
  • Portuguese (ISBN 978-88-89896-23-5)
  • Russian (ISBN 978-88-86843-21-8)
  • Japanese (ISBN 978-88-86843-35-5)
  • Hungharian (ISBN 978-88-68381-48-6)
Roma la Città eterna


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    Lozzi Roma
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    11,5×20,5 cm
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Rome the Eternal City

Rome the Eternal City

Roma la Città eterna
Rome the eternal City
Rome la Ville eternelle
Rom die ewige Stadt
Roma la Ciudad eterna
Roma az arok varos
Rome de eeuwige Stad
Rzym wieczne miasto
Roma a Cidade eterna
Рим вечный город

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