Rome and the Vatican

This guide divides Rome in 10 areas, plus the Vatican City, providing a handy approach to understanding all the places of artistic, cultural and religious interest. The volume offers anecdotes, in-depth and practical information, updated in annually revised editions. Illustrated with 310 colour photos, 40 drawings and maps, reconstructions of ancient monuments, and accompanied by a map of Rome centre and a detailed map of the Vatican City.

Available in:

  • Italian (ISBN 978-88-87894-21-9)
  • English (ISBN 978-88-87894-23-3)
  • French (ISBN 978-88-87894-22-6)
  • German (ISBN 978-88-87894-25-7)
  • Spanish (ISBN 978-88-87894-24-0)
  • Dutch (ISBN 978-88-87894-32-5)
  • Polish (ISBN 978-88-89896-27-3)
  • Portuguese (ISBN 978-88-87894-60-8)
  • Russian (ISBN 978-88-87894-26-4)
  • Slovakian (ISBN 978-88-87894-70-7)
Roma e il Vaticano


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    Lozzi Roma
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    12,5×22 cm
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    8,00 euros
Rome and the Vatican

Rome and the Vatican

Roma e il Vaticano
Rome and the Vatican
Rome et le Vatican
Rom und der Vatikan
Roma y el Vatican
Rome en Vaticaanstad
Rzym i Watykan
Roma e o Vaticano
Рим и Ватикан
Rim a Vatikan

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