Let's colour Italy

A coloring book with 14 drawings showing Italy’s most beautiful places and monuments, offering children a fun introduction to a variety of subjects: Milan’s Duomo, the Venice Carnival, the splendors of Rome and Florence, the sunny scenes of Naples and Sicily, and still more. At the centre of the book is a two-page poster-size spread of the whole country, which can be colored and removed. There is also a brief two-pages story, describing Italy through the centuries. All captions and text are in six languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian. With an attached pencil case containing 6 colored pencils.
  • ISBN 978-88-68380-55-7
Coloriamo Roma


  • Publishing:
    Lozzi Roma
  • Pages:
  • Format:
    16,5×24 cm
  • Cover price:
    6,00 euros
Let's colour Italy

Let's colour Italy

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